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Join us at 11:00AM on Saturday July 8th to hear local author Shelley Caryn read her book “There’s a Little Boy in My Class But I Don’t Know His Name”.

Shelley Caryn holds the title of Mom, Nurse, Inspirational Speaker, Special Needs Advocate and Author, but out of all the titles that she holds the one she cherishes the most is Mom. She is the mother of two adult-aged children, a son and a daughter. Her son has a rare, terminal medical disease called Hunter’s Syndrome.
Shelley’s latest book, “There’s A Little Boy In My Class but I Don’t Know His Name,” was inspired by her son’s journey with Hunter’s Syndrome and some of his challenges to make friends. The book tells the story of a little boy who goes from being curious about the little boy in his class that seems to be different, to the two becoming friends.
Shelley hopes that by sharing her son’s journey that it will provide greater awareness of Hunter’s Syndrome and of people with disabilities. She hopes to serve as a source of inspiration for other families with children with special needs, to promote inclusion of people of all abilities, and to help erase the fear and anxiety that people may have when it comes to interacting with children with disabilities.


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