Around Town Story Hunt

This summer, take a walk around downtown Gibsonville to find all five sets of clues you’ll need to complete our “Around Town” Story Hunt!  A great family or solo activity for all ages.

If you’ve ever completed a madlib, this will feel very familiar.  Each clue set will instruct you to come up with three different words of various types – for example, you may be asked to write down “A person’s name.”  You could select any name at all and enter that into the appropriate space – like Sam or Whitney.  The next word could be “an adjective,” and you would come up with a descriptive word like “slimy” or “furry,” etc.

Once you find all five clue sets, your Story Hunt worksheet should be filled with the fifteen unique words you have selected.  Once you have all fifteen words, you can enter them here to create your unique summer story!  You can also bring your worksheet back to the library and complete your story on paper, instead.

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